Homelifts are helping ‘Make do and Mend’ generation stay in the home they love

When you’re a homeowner the one question that inevitably crops up is, ‘should I move or improve?’ And that conundrum is never more crucial than when your mobility is pressing you for an answer. If this is something you’re reluctantly considering, read on to learn just how easy it can be to stay in the home you love. A Stiltz Homelift is the stylish, modern solution that you’ve probably not considered. But you should.

Historically, once children had flown the nest, you became part of ‘Generation Downsize’ and your thoughts would turn to bungalows or even retirement apartments. How times have changed. Now the savvy, senior homeowner is looking to stay in the family home, on their own terms and surrounded by their close-knit community and support network. These last two years especially, we have had to ask a lot more from the space in our homes than ever before.

A recent survey from Legal and General Financial Advice confirms that today’s retiring or retired professionals are not looking to downsize in the numbers we used to see, ‘ The drop in over 55’s considering downsizing means that over the course of the last three years, there has been a growing trend in “Forever Homeowners” who now want to stay put.’

As for moving, not only is it stressful, time-consuming and costly but the housing stock of bungalows is very poor. While downsizing to a flat brings you back to the issue of losing much-valued space. ­

As we can see, the case for staying is very strong but how do you achieve your dream of being able to live well, in confidence, when you are beginning to find the stairs a challenge? Do you rip out the garage and create an annexe or even turn a downstairs room into a bedroom? Remodelling projects are not a quick fix and are often an uneasy compromise. In addition, building materials are at an all-time high as are waiting times to get a project underway. You also need to factor in having to live in your home while structural work takes place. The reality is that you don’t need to do anything as drastic, costly or time-consuming. A multi-award-winning Stiltz Homelift could be the smart solution you’re looking for and there’s no need for complex construction, an army of builders or spiralling materials costs.

Stylish Solution

Stiltz Homelifts are next-generation domestic lifts that give you safe and seamless access between floors. A talented and skilled team will work with you to assess your individual needs and manage the whole process alongside you. Unlike an old-fashioned stairlift, there is no unsightly equipment or potential difficulties in getting on and of. A Stiltz is a stand-alone homelift that seamlessly blends in with your home décor and which you can simply step – or wheel – into and out of. Our range of contemporary products enable you to preserve the integrity of your home and safely access the upstairs with ease. All Stiltz Homelifts offer up a compact footprint, fit almost anywhere in your home, move quietly on vertical rails and install easily. We support you every step of the way.

If you find yourself reluctantly weighing up the issues of moving or remodelling then it is definitely worth remembering the old adage; make do and mend. It’s a turn of phrase that’s gaining a new lease of life at the moment, With the help of a Stiltz Homelift, you too can continue to live well in your own home rather than permanently disrupting your living arrangements or even having to start all over again somewhere else.

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