New Global Product Manager to focus on ways to innovate & improve Stiltz’ product offering

Stiltz Home Lifts has confirmed that experienced operations and production executive Nigel Leaver has been appointed as the homelift specialist’s new Global Product Manager.

Joining the growing West Midlands-based manufacturer at the end of October, Nigel will be focused on developing ways to innovate and improve its product offering, said Stiltz.

It comes as Stiltz moved into its new, custom-built, 36,000 sq. ft global headquarters this summer and initiated a substantial recruitment drive.

“Product development and management is key to keeping ahead of the curve,” commented Nigel Leaver, Global Product Manager of Stiltz.

“I see my position as a pivotal role, helping coordinate, improve and document all aspects of the product within the business.”

Prior to joining Stiltz, Nigel worked in an electrical equipment manufacturing business where he moved across different functions, including customer services, marketing, product development and business unit management.

Now, having recently returned to the UK after a short stint of living in Dubai, he will bring his wealth of knowledge to bear on the homelift supplier.

“Initially I’m going to focus on getting to know the Stiltz products, such as the Duo+ and Trio+, inside and out,” Nigel added.

“Then I can move onto looking at things like materials, options, product standards. I see this role as vital to ensuring that every product we sell across the globe has the same exacting standards that Stiltz demands.”

Discussing what inspired him to enter the world of mobility, Nigel said he was excited by the prospects and opportunities that Stiltz could offer.

“I had my interviews with Lachlan Faulkner (Co-Founder and CCO) and Mike Lord (CEO),” he finished.

“Their passion for the company and products plus their exciting plans for the future to improve and push forward only cemented my interest.”

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